• Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands

    If you have ever been married or even attended a wedding, you have probably heard about the individual performing the ceremony detail and the tradition behind exchanging rings.

    If you haven’t, it’s a simple concept that revolves around the fact that the rings are round and symbolize an unending love and dedication to one another.

    Of course, there are many versions of the explanation but that’s the simplest one. Now, the rings themselves will vary as much as the bride and groom do. One of the newest fads in rings is carbon fiber (also known as carbon graphite, or simply CF) wedding bands.
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    These types of rings are made from 100% carbon fiber and come in many fashionable looks. It is made from a process known as PAN. This involves changing PAN to carbon graphite through 4 steps. The oxidation process takes place when the white polymer changes colors from white to brown and then eventually to black. This is where you’ll find many of your black wedding bands in their simplest form. Some prefer the beauty of a black wedding band which is generally made from black zirconium.

    Fiber made from carbon has managed to show up in cars as well as in sporting equipment.

    However now days there are even more products made from CF that we use in daily life such as handphone case, tablet case, netbook and laptop stickers, dining and office chairs.

    The uses of CF is limitless and currently growing even more in the market. It won’t be wrong to say that CF is the current trend.

    The Material
    CF has managed to weave its way into the world of jewelry in the most precious of all areas and that’s the wedding bands. The carbon bands and other men’s wedding bands are hugely popular because of their sleek design and unique look. Two-tone wedding bands made from white gold with a CF inlay are among some of the most popular custom wedding band sets you’ll see right now. If the whole concept is new to you, then you can quickly take a look around online or in magazine and find a plethora of options to choose from.

    Carbon Graphite Making it Big
    Carbon fiber rings and bands – especially the ones from the black variety – are pushing the popularity of the sleek rings to a new level. The rings come in both women’s and men’s and are each carefully crafted by some of the most experienced composite artists in the business.carbon fiber ring20T20

    If you are on the lookout for rings that are going to last a lifetime, after all that’s what the wedding band is designed to do, then definitely take a look at the titanium and carbon graphite rings too.

    These bands are sleek and elegant as well and are known for their indestructible strength.If you are looking at this kind of ring, look for one with inlays that are unique and stylish to make your wedding bands absolutely one of a kind.


    Regardless of your style, you can’t go wrong as long as you follow your heart. Keep your eyes open for more new styles of carbon fiber rings to hit the market quickly.

    Head over to our Store and find your passion in the CF rings and then find an inlay and a designer to put them all together for you and your special someone. Nothing says beautiful like pride and you definitely want to find a band that you and your partner are proud of.

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